Cara Delevinge, Dave Franco and James Cordon Got Feisty in a Rap Battle!

Cara Delevinge, Dave Franco and James Cordon Got Feisty in a Rap Battle!

31 Jul 2016

The stars took their gloves off when it came to dropping some shady lyrics against each other

James Corden, known for his legendary ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segments, hosted Suicide Squad star, Cara Delevingne and Nerve actor, Dave Franco for a segment of ‘Drop the Mic’ on the Late Late Show.

The trio engaged in a three way rap battle and did not hold back when it came to slaying the others. We have to warn you though, reading the verses they sang may leave you in tears!

James Corden kicked of the competition going after Dave, rhyming: "We can all agree you're not famous enough for it. Don't worry there's still time for you to be discovered. But I'm pretty sure we actually meant to book your brother.” Ouch James! Did you have to mention the more famous Franco sibling? Even Cara wasn’t safe as Corden came for her with this nasty rhyme:  "Cara Delevingne from Paper Towns. I wish someone dropped a match and burned that movie down. You're perfect for Suicide Squad, I'm being heartfelt, because when I see you try to act it makes me want to kill myself."

Ultimately it was Cara who won, and it’s no surprise when she went for low blows like this: "You'll kill yourself, you promise, is that a fact?  I've never heard a better reason for me to act.” Delevingne also went after Dave with the verse: “I haven’t seen your movies and I definitely won’t. Now you see me, no sorry, I don’t.” Roasted.

While these lyrics were mean enough to make us feel second-hand embarrassment, watch the full video below if you dare.