Car-thief gang terrorises Sharjah residents

Valuables were stolen from over 50 vehicles in the emirate
ByAndre NevelingWednesday , 07 October 2015
Car-thief gang terrorises Sharjah residents
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Sharjah residents beware!

Over 50 cars in Sharjah were targeted by a gang of thieves who stole items including mobile phones and money.

Police received several complaints about the thefts in different parts of Sharjah, after the thieves broke their way into the cars by smashing the windows. Following an investigation, they managed to arrest three suspects. Sharjah Police were also able to recover the tools the gang used to break into the cars.

If that’s not bad enough, similar incidents were reported in Sharjah shortly afterwards. Five members of a robbery gang were caught and arrested. Due to these incidents, Sharjah Police have urged residents to take preventative measures and be more aware. 

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