Can't afford a decent meal? This Dubai restaurant will give you one for free!

What a fantastic initiative
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 29 November 2017
Can't afford a decent meal? This Dubai restaurant will give you one for free!
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Foul w Hummus is a restaurant located in Barsha 1, Dubai near the Sharaf DG metro station. There's something special about this little joint.

"If you can't buy food it's for free. This is a gift from Allah (God)," reads a small note written in English and Arabic hung on the door at Foul w Hummus. That's right! The restaurant offers free food for those in need.

"A lot of people, especially young jobseekers new to the country, come with limited budgets that sometimes don't accommodate their food expenses. So we thought of offering support in a simple way," said Fadi Ayyad, a 37-year-old Jordanian expat who opened the restaurant in 2009.

Ayyad told Khaleej Times that he noticed labourers from nearby construction sites, along with newcomers searching for jobs through a recruitment office located right next door to the restaurant, would occasionally pass by the restaurant, but hesitate before entering and placing an order.

He decided to make a change, and placed the sign on his door to help those in need. Foul w Hummus now serves free food to more than 10 visitors daily, from labourers and jobseekers, to families in need of a simple meal.

Restaurant manager Amro Mohammed, 30, said the gesture has received positive feedback from the community, and neighbours and passersby often offer cash donations to cover the expenses of the free food given.

What a fantastic initiative, we hope other establishments follow suit!

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