12 Sep 2019

We take a deeper look into the Houston-based rapper's concert in November

Travis Scott is all set to take to the stage in the capital this winter at the Yasalam After-Race Concert during this year's F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Truth be told, it will probably be at the peak of his career.

Unknown to many, this won’t be the rappers first time performing in Abu Dhabi, as he performed for a mere 15 minutes back in 2016 at Beats on the Beach concert on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

When one thinks of Scott and his performances, it's like living in CAPS LOCK MODE. With his shows consisting of eye-popping visuals and psychedelic beats, the rappers appearance itself makes the upcoming concert an unmissable affair for both fans and for those who just wants to enjoy a good rave.

If you have purchased your tickets for the after race concerts, here’s a list of things for what you could be in for:

Expect to see out of this world stage designs.

If you have seen Scott’s US Astroworld tours, you surely noticed his roller coaster and carousel sets on stage, creating a travelling amusement park that resembles the Five Flags amusement park. But unfortunately, the possibility of that happening in the du Arena is quite slim. Here's hoping.

Even without the circus-like stage sets, Scott’s performances is promised to be accompanied by amazing visuals and sounds. The hallucinogenic visuals range from butterflies, blazing fire and evens Scott’s silhouette in x-ray.

There’s a long list of tracks he could perform.

Scott’s recent success is credited to his latest album, Astroworld. The rapper can often be seen wearing his album merch to his shows, boasting songs such as Sicko Mode, Stargazing and No Bystanders from the album. Scott Stans may also would want to see the rapper perform tracks from his earlier days such as Goosebumps and Antidote.

Get ready to turn it up to the maximum.

Travis Scott is arguably one of the best live performers in the world at the moment. Even though his psychedelic music is best enjoyed through headphones, it becomes almost impossible to replicate that on stage.

So what does La Flame do? He turns up the ante to a maximum level (all the way to a 11 out of 10), which gets the crowd jumping and screaming like there’s no tomorrow. Apart from being a great performer, Scott’s studio skills must not be forgotten, making him a master in whipping up the crowd with his dystopian music and visuals wherever he goes.

La Flame likes to go over the top, and we mean literally.

Scott can be seen climbing onto lightening and camera scaffolds in most of his shows. So, if there’s a scaffold between the Golden Circle and General Admission, get your camera out and be ready to record as Scott loves and encourages his fans to take videos and tweet him clips of his dangerous antics.