Camila Cabello finally writes love songs while she's actually in love

19 Jun 2019

No more writing about far away crushes

Camila Cabello is thrilled to have been able to write love songs while she's actually in love.

The 22-year-old confirmed she's almost finished recording her second studio album and, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Cannes Lions festival, the star confessed she "bares her soul" on the new record.

"When I was going into that album (2018's Camila) I was kind of in my little bubble of life, I had far away crushes on people and would write about them and didn't really have any experiences with being in love. I only wrote about it from afar," she shared.

"For the first time on this album it's not my imagination, it's me writing about things that are happening in real time and I think that there's a level of detail and emotion that you get from that that's kind of irreplaceable.

"It's captured my essence of who I am right now," the Havana star gushed.
The former Fifth Harmony singer went on to reflect on her songwriting process, and claimed she forces herself to step away from social media to ensure she's living in the moment and channelling herself authentically into her music.

Earlier in the day, Camila joined Spotify's Chief Content Officer, Dawn Ostroff, at the Golden Age of Sound panel at Spotify Beach to discuss the power of streaming and the success of her 2018 mega-hit Havana.