Cameron Diaz Steals Angelina Jolie's Role!

But can blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz take Angelina Jolie's leading man too?
Wednesday , 16 May 2012
Cam says her bum looks better now than at 20!
Cam says her bum looks better now than at 20!
Brad: racing ahead
Brad: racing ahead
Brad and Cam have known each other for years!
Brad and Cam have known each other for years!
There’s that 
leg again!
There’s that leg again!

Angelina Jolie landed the female lead in The Counselor alongside hubby Brad Pitt, but now Angelina is out, Cameron Diaz is in and Ange’s relationship could be in serious jeopardy! Speaking about working with Brad, Ange said, “We don’t get offered a lot of films for us to do together… we’d love to work together and bring the kids with us on that adventure.”

The Counselor would have been the first time Brangelina filmed together since Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005 and while sources are saying Ange isn’t doing the flick because it conflicts with filming for Maleficent in the UK, we have a hard time believing she would say no to working with Brad! It could be the producers axing Ange for Cam.

Nicole Kidman was supposed to play Ange’s role in Mr and Mrs Smith but she dropped out because of scheduling and Ange swooped in, bagging herself a man in the process. Could the same thing happen with Cam? “If history were to repeat itself, the family known as Brangelina would soon be known as Briaz,” suggests a source on “Like Angelina, Cameron Diaz is a woman with serious feminine wiles. And while Jolie is serious and recoils at social interaction, Cam is super-fun, the kind of girl you want to crack open [a drink] with. Maybe Daddy Brad needs a little fun in his life.” That might be exactly what the father of six is after – he recently told Celebs On Sunday that Angelina’s parenting style was “militant”.

It’s no secret that Cam is desperate to have babies and we doubt she’ll let a wedding ring stand in her way! In the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, Cam dished, “If, one day, I am blessed with the experience of having a child, I would be overjoyed.” She also revealed that she has a crush on Colin Firth, calling him “charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special”. Never mind that Colin’s been married since 1997! She also has more body confidence than ever, telling Access Hollywood this week, “My a** is definitely higher than it was when I was 20… It gets better as I get older.”

Call it the curse of the Oscar leg, but ever since Ange stuck her pin out, the media’s response to her has tanked. After the Oscars, TV doctor Dr Drew said, “I just see malnutrition. We should not look at that as an ideal of beauty,” and a source told Closer that Ange is “worried her reputation may have taken a hit”. While Ange falls, Brad’s career is skyrocketing. He’s the first male face of Chanel No. 5 perfume and no one would dare replace him in The Counselor. Will Brad and Ange make it down the aisle this summer or will Cam seduce Brad and give Ange a taste of her own medicine? We can’t wait for the filming on this flick to begin!

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