Camel Cottage Pie on the Menu in Doha

Camel Cottage Pie on the Menu in Doha

22 Aug 2013

One of Britain’s favourite comfort foods is reinvented in Qatar

British ex-pats craving a taste of home should check out the latest menu at Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art cafe –but there might be a few surprises. One of the newest offerings is a cottage pie, given an Arabic flavour in celebration of Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture.

The camel cottage pie is filled with a hearty braised camel meat, a regional delicacy, along with Arabic spices, mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. For those who haven't tried it, camel is, no, not just like chicken, but similar in flavour and texture to beef. Cooked properly, it's delicious.

If you're less adventurous, opt for another British fave given the Arabic treatment. The MIA Café’s Eton mess stays fairly true to the idea of the traditional Brit dessert, with lashings of fresh strawberries, meringue and cream, though it's flavoured with thinly sliced locally sourced mint. 

The culinary treats have been created for the MIA Café by Romain Meder, Executive Chef of MIA Restaurants. "We wanted to ensure we capture the essence of traditional British food, being able to add an Arabic twist to the dishes," Meder says. "By using the finest locally sourced ingredients we have created the camel cottage pie and Eton mess, representing Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture from a culinary angle."

INFO: Camel cottage pie QR44, Eton mess QR26, MIA is open every day except Tue, check website for opening hours, 4422 4444,