Calvin Harris Had His Reasons

Producer defends his choice to keep Rita Ora from Teen Choice Awards
ByNathalie ViranyiSaturday , 16 August 2014
Calvin Harris Had His Reasons
There are always to sides to a story according to Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris obviously didn't add brownie points for his decision to block ex-girlfriend Rita Ora from performing at the Teen Chocie Awards. Ora was scheduled to sing her hit song I Will Never Let You Down at the ceremony in California on Sunday, but Harris, who owns the rights to the song, refused to let her go on stage. Due to her ex-boyfriend, Rita Ora had to cancel her performance last minute, disappointing her fans who were looking forward to seeing the show.

Ora has insisted she is not bitter with Harris about the incident but is annoyed she was forced to let down her fans, who have since directed their disappointment at the music producer. Calvin Harris is since then receiving some negativity ion social media.

But Harris is fighting back on his Twitter: "You'll only know 1 side of the story re Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life... But just know I had a damn good reason."

Resentment seems to be a fairly appropriate reason, considering the two artists split up in June.

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