Call in the psychics!

Do you believe these celeb based predictions for 2008?
Wednesday , 02 January 2008
Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev

Celebrities are unpredictable souls, which makes guessing their future antics so tricky. Who would have thought that the fresh-faced and innocent Britney Spears of the 'Baby One More Time' video would be shaving her head in public, trashing cars with umbrellas, entering rehab and losing custody of two children in one 12-month period?

And who would have thought party pals Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan would have all spent time behind bars in 2007?

And did anyone see Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera getting pregnant? Oh alright, perhaps that one wasn't so much of a stretch...

But another year of oddities, quirks and craziness has passed and celebrities are as hard to predict as ever. That is, unless you're internationally renowned psychic, Joe Power, who has hooked up with World Entertainment News Network (WENN) to summon his spiritual specialness and come up with a list of showbiz events that WILL be happening in 2008. Ooh er.

Powers' first big prediction is not good news for the Spice Girls' comeback tour.

Already rocked by rumours and setbacks, the reunited Spice cadets were forced to recruit a new support act for the UK leg of their world tour, after Danish pop outfit Alphabeat refused to perform with them. And the girls had to placate angry South Americans by denying rumours they had axed a January (08) gig in Argentina. All this before Victoria Beckham and co stepped onto the stage for the opening night, on 2 December in Vancouver, Canada. Not good.

And now Power forecasts a far bigger problem for the five-piece - or should that be four-piece! - before the tour wraps! Yes, he's predicting another walk-out following a massive row, which, let's face it, is hardly a shocking call considering Geri Halliwell stormed out last time around, leaving her four bandmates to tour America.

Meanwhile, if your name is Terri Seymour and you're in a long-term relationship with a certain Simon Cowell, look away now! Power's next prediction will not exactly fill you with festive cheer, or high hopes for the New Year.

According to the psychic, the music mogul's face will be splashed across the tabloids in April (08). Why? Because this is the month a steamy affair with a mystery woman will be exposed. Despite his sickeningly brimming bank accounts and suave charm, the American Idol judge has remained faithful to his long-term love Seymour, thus far.

So, who could be the woman who turns his head and unbuttons his ridiculously high trousers? Well, Kylie Minogue may have offered a clue recently when commenting on Cowell's alleged attraction to his fellow judge - her sister - on British talent show The X Factor: "Why wouldn't Simon fancy Dannii? If I'm not mistaken there is definitely a little fizzle there."

The past few years in Whitney Houston's life have gone from bad, to worse, to downright atrocious. Abusive relationships, drug addiction, divorce and anorexia have been just some of the truths and rumours that have helped turn her career into a celebrity car crash.

In 2007 alone, she battled ex-husband Bobby Brown for custody of their 14-year-old daughter Bobbi and launched a desperate pop comeback after years of ridicule - remember those "Crack is whack!" comments?

Perhaps, most embarrassingly, was the day she suffered the humiliation of a New Jersey, America storage facility auctioning off a horde of her personal possessions to raise the money she owed them.

But here's the good news - Power is certain 2008 will signal a change of fortune in Houston's life. He says, "Whitney Houston is to have a year of peace and reconciliation. June and July will be bumpy months, but there will be many TV appearances and concerts toward the end of the year."

Moving to 'celebrity' politics, the Spice Girls' ‘girl power' slogan will rub off on America in a big way in 2008 - Power predicts Hillary Clinton will become the first female President.

Talking of power players, David and Victoria Beckham are set to turn their backs on Los Angeles, a year after making a new home in the sun, according to Power.

He's convinced the British power couple will head home when soccer star David gives up on his new soccer squad, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He says, "Victoria and David Beckham will have a bust up over L.A. Galaxy football club in 2008, sparking new talk of them coming back to England."

David rushed back to England following his father Ted's near-fatal heart attack in October last year. Could Papa Beckham's ailing health give cause for them to pack their bags? Also, it's indisputable that the Beckham brand is entirely dependent on the couple's coverage in newspapers and magazines. If interest in them across the Atlantic wanes, will they return home in a bid to recapture the limelight?

After all, Victoria has begrudgingly admitted that the cameras of the U.S. paparazzi are far more frequently focused on the antics of such stars as Britney Spears.

She said recently, "They kind of figured out that actually we're quite boring and Britney's far more interesting, and so they go to her house. We're a bit boring for them I think."

Fresh from her victorious battle with breast cancer, Kylie Minogue was primed for a return to the dizzying heights of pop superstardom as 2007 rolled in. However, it wasn't long before the trials and tribulations of her personal life caused more heartache for the diminutive Spinning Around beauty.

In February (07), her romance with French actor Olivier Martinez came to an abrupt end, over his alleged infidelity. For years, Minogue has been openly honest about her desire to have children, but her split with Martinez put those ambitions on hold once again.

Later on in the year, she hinted that her priorities in life had changed when she lambasted her "nightmare" existence as a pop star: "There are definitely days when I really just wanna run away and live a different life because this one's been so intense, since I was a teenager." But without a partner, starting a family could prove a tricky task.

Not so, for Power has the missing piece of the puzzle - in 2008, he says, Minogue "will adopt a baby girl".

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger's tenure as California Governor hasn't exactly been devoid of controversy. Could the 60-year-old be poised for a political catastrophe? Power and his out-of-body informants certainly think so: "Arnold Schwarzenegger will have a setback in a political campaign."

Those who are reluctant to believe in Power's power may prefer to opt instead for the insights of Marilyn Monroe's one-time spiritual confidante, Kenny Kingston. The Los Angeles-based psychic entered into a spell of quiet meditation, to come up with the following predictions:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's marriage is set to take a few hard knocks in 2008, as the couple copes with parenthood.

After Lopez tried to hide her baby bump behind flowing Roberto Cavalli stage gowns on the couple's recent tour, she went public with her happy news in October (07). But the baby happiness will be short lived as far as Kenny Kingston is concerned.

He says, "Overwork and medical problems could cause a split. It need not be permanent if they meditate over it."

Talking of babies, Celine Dion could already be pregnant with her second child, according to Kingston and his spirit guides - he predicts the Canadian singer will welcome a baby in 2008.

Dion has revealed she's desperate to have more children with husband Rene Angelil, after struggling to conceive "miracle" son Rene-Charles, who was born in 2001.

The singer underwent gruelling fertility treatment to become a first-time mum - and now she's ready to go through the process again, revealing, "l'd love to have another child. It's a miracle child that we have. I thought at one point I was not going to be able to have a child. But I'm not going to be greedy. I hope we'll be blessed again."

Kingston feels sure the couple will be blessed: "They could welcome a baby in 2008."

Another celebrity mum, Gwyneth Paltrow, is set to land the biggest film role next year - in a major movie about Princess Diana.

Kenny Kingston insists the late royal herself wants Gwyneth to play her - because she's one of the only stars with the grace to carry the role off. (Creepy!)

He says, "Diana wants Gwyneth to play her but someone is failing to tell Gwyneth."

William Hill aren't as convinced though - they are offering odds of 10/1 that the actress stars as tragic Diana in 2008.

And what of gorgeous Halle Berry? Look for her to become a Broadway mum after giving birth to her first baby.

Kenny's spirits want the sexy actress to star in playwright Tennessee Williams' classic A Streetcar Named Desire - and they usually get their way - so look for Berry to be Broadway bound in 2008. Will she win an Emmy?

Kingston says, "Halle Berry should consider doing a Broadway play and it should be Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. The late Tennessee Williams himself has told me he wants Taye Diggs to play her co-star. I see a Tony Award to go with Halle's Oscar - and Halle will become the toast of the town when she takes the play to London."

So... are you a believer or a cynic? Only time will tell if there's any truth to come of this, but let's hope all our fave celebs stay out of trouble and achieve even more success in 2008.