Awww, this cafeteria is giving out free food to those who can't afford it

Awww, this cafeteria is giving out free food to those who can't afford it

29 Jul 2019

Faith in humanity, RESTORED!

Dining experienced in Dubai are impressive, no doubt. There's an endless chain of international restaurants to choose from, and some incredible local restaurants too, obvs.

But if you aren't here as a tourist and work to survive, then yeah, we can all admit that most of our income is spent on food.

There are a selected number of places that sell cheap and affordable food that even hard-working labourers can afford, but this cafeteria, in particular, took their generosity to the next level.

'Foul w Hummus' is a Lebanese cafeteria in Barsha serving amazing falafels, according to many restaurant reviewers, but that's not the only thing they are famous for.

This restaurant will serve people for free if they can't afford to pay for food.

This is mainly targetted to the less fortunate and people working minimum wages, who need to spend their money on other vital expenses.

Tony Khan, who goes by @marketingdude on Twitter, posted a picture of the restaurant and asked his followers to retweet, share and promote their initiative.

Tony shared a story about how his friend's plate of food was given to him for free after realising he forgot his wallet at home.

'Foul w Hummus' isn't the only one in the UAE doing this. Shahid or @shahidm on Twitter also shared a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, who has a similar dining rule.

We hope more to see more restaurants following in their footsteps.