Café Review: Kad Che, Bay Square

It's official - we're obsessed with this industrial-cool Business Bay cafe
ByFarah AndrewsSunday , 24 June 2018
Café Review: Kad Che, Bay Square

As Dubai cafes go, Kad Che is a must-visit. With a coffee selection that will impress even the most discerning of baristas, and a creative menu that boasts everything from indulgent chicken mushroom shell pasta to the more unusual hummus fatche – a chickpea and chicken salad. There really is something for everyone.

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We arrive at the quirky café, impressed by the industrial-cool interiors, with lush pops of green. For anyone stationed behind a laptop at work, this would be a pretty perfect place to spend a working day. Fuelled by the powerful Kad Che coffee, naturally.

We order an iced popsicle latte – which is every bit as refreshing as it sounds – and browse the menu. Are we feeling healthy, or is it cheat day? We are instantly drawn to both the caramelised brie grilled sandwich and the healthy omega boost salmon salad. We decide to share with our date, getting the best of both – the healthy and the comforting, obvs.

Café Review, Kad Che, dubai, uae, business bay, food, uae foodie

The grilled sandwich is a like a hug between to slices of bread! Nutty, creamy and so, so cheesy, it really is a must-try. It’s by no means a small sandwich, so ordering one, along with a salad, and sharing it with a friend, really is the way to go.

We’re torn between the healthy omega boost salmon and the kale salads, so we go for both. Packed full of lush green leaves and heaps of salmon and halloumi in each.

Café Review, Kad Che, dubai, uae, business bay, food, uae foodie

As our meal comes to an end, we’ve been advised not to leave without trying the halaweh brownie. We’re far too full, but take one home to try later, extending the meal as much as possible.

The gooey delicious brownie is almost impossibly chocolatey, topped with pistachios and halaweh, giving it a little extra bite. Delish.

INFO: Kad Che, Bay Square, Business Bay, 11am-midnight, daily, 04 338 8243,

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