Caesar Salad

30 Apr 2012

The fine folks at Caramel share their recipe for the eternal fave

Romaine lettuce
Caesar dressing
8 egg yolks
60g anchovies 
60g garlic
100ml lemon Juice
80ml white vinegar
60g mustard
300mg parmesan powder
2l corn oil
Salt and pepper to taste
500g bread 
450g butter                 
60g garlic                           
160g parmesan powder          
60g dried herbs                   
Salt and pepper to taste

Caesar Dressing
Blend the egg yolks with anchovies, garlic, lemon juice, mustard and white vinegar.
2. Slowly mix in the oil, being careful not to add too much and split the dressing.
3. When blending the oil, if you realise that the dressing is too thick, add a bit of water, to give it a light texture.
4. Once all the oil is incorporated, finish the dressing with the parmesan powder and season to taste.
5. The finished dressing should be creamy, with a touch of acid flavour, and specks of parmesan.

Dice the bread.
2. Place the diced bread on a roasting tray and evenly bake for five minutes.
3. Cool the croutons.
4. Mix the butter with the chopped garlic, dry herbs, parmesan powder and salt and pepper.
5. Evenly toss the prebaked croutons with the melted butter mixture and place on a roasting tray. 6. Bake again for another four minutes. Cool the croutons and store them.

Discard the outer leaves.
2. Cut the romaine lettuce into strips or dice.
3. Ensure the salad leaves are washed properly and dried by spinning them through a salad spinner.

Put the shredded lettuce in a bowl.
2. Add the caesar dressing to it, then add the croutons.
3. Mix evenly and then add parmesan powder.
4. Add seasoning and check for flavour and texture.

INFO: This recipe courtesy of Caramel. Caramel, DIFC, 04 425 6677,

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