Buy Fashion, Provide an Education

Buy Fashion, Provide an Education

10 Jun 2015

Give someone a gift you can't buy for Ramadan

There are always plenty of ways to give back and do your bit to society but here’s a unique way of doing a good deed and just in time for the Ramadan season.

Fashion for Education is a fashion and accessory website but it’s not your everyday standard site for online shopping. Every purchase that is made from the website, you help support the development of women and girls by providing them with an education. As the creators make high quality garments and jewelry, you get to make a difference for other women in areas where literacy rates are low and education is scarce.

Owner of Fashion for Education, Nassira Boudham, grew up in a village in Morocco where education for women was not a priority which gave her inspiration for the website. When she was only six years old, she enrolled herself in primary school, a chance that not everyone gets.

By working with different companies and people that have the same goal, they’re able to help hundreds of people around the world. They work with companies who contribute to the development of women either by giving them work and training in a specific trade or by simply offering them the opportunity to learn to read and write.

Souad is a craftswoman who has been in the leather business with her husband for years. She works with people who have learnt the skill of bag making in her studio but most of her workers are deaf and have never learnt sign language which means they have little to no contact with their colleagues. Souad’s dream is not only to learn sign language to have a bigger space where the group can get together to work and learn from each other.

Not only do they give education to those who need it but Fashion for Education is known for its durability and self-reliance by using fair trade and the usage of natural products like wool.