Buy a Dinosaur on Dubizzle!

Buy a Dinosaur on Dubizzle!

30 Jun 2015

Bizarre ad offers brontosaurus skeleton named Einstein, a snip at Dhs88m!

You can buy just about anything in Dubai – even your very own dinosaur!

Einstein, described as the world’s most complete brontosaurus skeleton, is currently on sale on Dubizzle, surely a must-do deal for mega-rich Jurassic World fans.

“This is a once in a 150-million-year lifetime opportunity,” the classified advert readsAsking price: Dhs88,000,000 or $24,000,000 (shipping and handling included).”

Posted in Dubai on 6 June, the listing says Einstein “is the largest apatosaurus fossil (85 per cent complete) in the world.”

Its condition is described as “perfect inside out” and “used only a few times”, with the owner adding: “Einstein’s value will continue to be immeasurable with time.”

Weighing a hefty 4.5 tons, 3.6m tall and 23m in length, the relic was found just a decade ago in Wyoming, USA, and it’s said an authenticity certificate issued by Houston Museum of Natural Science can prove it’s the real deal.

“Sue, an excavated T-Rex fossil, much smaller in size, was bought in 1997 for $8.3 million by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago,” reads the post.

“According to the Field Museum’s President, John McCarter, Sue attracted more than 16 million visitors between 2000 and 2010, and with an entry ticket price of $15, the total cash raised was equivalent to $240 million.”

Youd better come up with Dhs88m bronto!