Butheina Kazim

Butheina Kazim

21 Nov 2019
By Ahlanlive.com

The co-founder of Cinema Akil, an independent cinema platform in Dubai

•In September 2018, we opened the doors to the Gulf’s first arthouse cinema and have welcomed over 30,000 spectators to a myriad of film programmes, series and exclusive premieres of independent arthouse cinema.

•Our international and regional participation has been a major highlight of 2019, including my participation as a jury member at the Sarajevo Film Festival in Bosnia, the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, and a speaker at the Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia.

•Our mission at Cinema Akil is to bring forward important issues of our time through the language of film and the medium of cinema. We are committed, in our programming to raise awareness around climate change as one of the key matters we are taking on. Above and beyond the specific programmes, our entire ethos as a non-commercial cinema platform, is to challenge hyper-consumerism and lead a conscious existence. We hope to contribute to the fundamental battle against climate change through engaging hearts and minds.

•It’s the spirit of diversity in experience, stories, perspectives, histories and outlooks that makes the UAE the unique place that it is.

•I am inspired by complexity. The surprising condition of contrast and the spaces in between – of how values, positions and spaces can coexist at the same time in people and their conditions. Of harshness and tenderness, of darkness and optimism, of the ugly and the beautiful.