Burnt Out and Broody Cheryl Cole

Is Chezza headed for a breakdown?
Tuesday , 07 August 2012
Surviving on coffee, junk food and no sleep
Surviving on coffee, junk food and no sleep
Fan-pleasing fun
Fan-pleasing fun
Girls Aloud commitments
Girls Aloud commitments
Solo duties
Solo duties

Cheryl Cole is on the verge of cracking up as late night partying, endless work commitments, and a lackluster love life leave her wondering if she’ll ever fulfil her dream of becoming a mum.
The stressed-out star has taken so much on that she’s surviving on junk food, caffeine hits and five hours sleep, leaving her family worried sick and Chezza wondering if she’s got her priorities wrong.

Desperate for Babies!
Cheryl, 29, has made no secret of wanting to be a young mum and, according to her worried family, those feelings haven’t gone away. The exhausted star’s niece, Melissa Armstrong, told Heat, “When she’s with family, she’s constantly saying ‘Pass that baby to me.’ She always has one on her lap. She hates missing out on all the baby action. She’d be such a good mum.”

Career Obsessed!
But she can’t bear to let her career go, just as she feels she’s about to crack the US. Jittery Cheryl is on a mission to make this her biggest year ever and says she won’t stop until she’s staged her first solo tour and masterminded the Girls Aloud reunion shows.
Our Ahlan! insider revealed, “She’s going into the biggest six months of her career and she just can’t switch off. She can’t sleep and so, during the day, she’s knocking back five or six strong coffees to give her caffeine bursts and keep her energy levels up.”
The source continued, “She literally feels like she has no time to look after herself. One minute she’s planning a new video shoot, then she’s staging all-day meetings about her solo tour then she’s rushing off to work out the Girls Aloud comeback. She wants to make the solo tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but she also doesn’t want to let down her Girls Aloud band mates. She’s trying to keep so many different people happy and she admits it’s all a bit out of control and that she may have made a huge mistake taking so much on.”
But for Cheryl there is little chance of a break. “She’s totally booked up until Christmas. Her people are always urging her to get a break but she’s worried she’ll end up getting behind schedule,” spilled our insider.

Health Drama! 
But the stress is killing more than Chezza’s career plans. Her one-time gym routines and healthy eating regime have been ditched in favour of quick caffeine fixes and her body can’t cope with the stress. Our source continued, “Cheryl’s worst enemy is herself. She doesn’t take enough time just to focus on her own health and mental wellbeing. Cheryl is the kind of girl who really needs to stick to her protein and vitamin-rich diet to help her body cope with the long hours. But at the minute she’s surviving on two meals a day, usually junk food that leaves her feeling lethargic and unhealthy.”

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