Building Watchman Stabs Woman in Dubai

Expat was found dead at home by her roommate
ByAriel Robinson Wednesday , 02 March 2016
Building Watchman Stabs Woman in Dubai
Watchman arrested for stabbing an expat to death

A 26-year-old expat was stabbed to death recently by a watchman in Dubai. The suspect was later arrested 24 hours after finding the body.

The operations room of the building received a call from a man saying his roommate was found dead in the apartment. He had found the expat, Lenlie Silpao Oliverio, stabbed multiple times and their apartment was robbed.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri from Criminal Investigation Affairs said “The way the victim was stabbed led to deduct that revenge could be the reason behind her murder.” The suspect was taken in for questioning where he finally confessed to the crime.

The watchman stated that he was cleaning the floors of the building when the mother of two kicked the water bucket he was using. This led to an argument causing the worker to go to her apartment where he stabbed her multiple times ‘until he was sure she was dead’.

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