The Budding Romance of Amber Rose

She’s got a new fiancé, a music career, a high-profile ex and a famous feud going on with Kim K – sounds like Amber Rose is ready for the A-list!
Wednesday , 21 March 2012
Amber Rose
Amber Rose
Kanye who? Amber and Wiz only have eyes for each other
Kanye who? Amber and Wiz only have eyes for each other
Kanye and Amber – before Kim K came along
Kanye and Amber – before Kim K came along
Amber’s already sitting front row!
Amber’s already sitting front row!

She is set to perform at Etoiles in Abu Dhabi in April and though she may not be a household name yet, in the Kardashian house everyone’s familiar with the name Amber Rose. The 28-year-old model and singer first came on the scene when she started dating rapper Kanye West in 2010. Their relationship came to a messy end, and after the split, Amber accused Kim K of being the reason. She said, “[Kim] is a homewrecker! They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.”

This wasn’t the first conflict between the two. Kim had previously accused Amber of breaking up her relationship with American football player Reggie Bush, but Amber denied any wrongdoing. What a tangled web in T’Town!

Since her split with Kanye, things for Amber have been on the up and up. She’s newly engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa and is happily tweeting pictures of her new rock, but wants to focus on her music career before she heads down the aisle. And while we’re on the subject of career, Amber has released two singles so far, Fame and Loaded, with Wiz lending a hand on the first one. She returned the favour by lending her vocals to his hot new track Never Been (Part II). Ahlan! chatted with Amber ahead of her first UAE gig.   

You just released Loaded, your second single, and blogger Perez Hilton has compared you to Ke$ha. Are you a fan?
Yes, I’m a fan of Ke$ha! That’s definitely a compliment but I am not trying to sound like her, I don’t study her music. I have my own sound and my own lane. You guys just have to wait and see!

What can we expect from you musically down the road?
A lot of fun dance music and meaningful music! I’m excited about coming to Abu Dhabi and Dubai next month. I definitely want to tour and have an amazing show. I’m working with a choreographer now – it’s so much fun!

You ooze confidence, and we’re sure you’ll rock Etoiles, but if you were to take the stage in a major venue, would you be nervous?
Thank you! I probably will be nervous the first time but after that I think I’ll be just fine.

Favourite song to sing in the shower?
Fame ;-)

Do you read what the tabloids say about you or Google your name, or do you prefer not to know what’s being said?
Ha! I do not have a Google alert on my name! Do people actually do that? I do not get up in the morning and look at the tabloids. The only way I find out if someone said something about me is if someone tweets at me. Other than that… no way!

How did you deal with all the media attention when your relationship with Kanye was ending?
Well, it’s definitely not easy going through a public breakup. People make their own reasons about why you broke up. You have to deal with a lot of rumours, but at the end of the day I live a very positive life.

What advice would you give other celebs ending high-profile relationships?
My advice to other celeb couples is to surround yourself with people who love you unconditionally and who know who you are as a person. You can tell the world how great you are every day but they’ll still make up their own conclusions on who you are and that’s the price of fame.

After it came out that Kanye cheated on you with Kim K, you called her a homewrecker but still forgave her. Has Kim ever reached out to you?

Tell us something about Wiz that we don’t know. Is he a romantic?
He is the most romantic man I have ever met! He does sweet things for me every day, even if it’s just sweet kisses in the morning or telling me how much he loves me – he’s just an all-around great person.

Now tell us something about you that we don’t know…
I’m an awesome cook! I love to cook – it’s like meditation for me. I’m such a dork! Ha! I like to watch the Food Network and write down recipes.

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