Bubbles & Boba at The Dubai Mall

Who’s up for a novelty drink? We’ve got more on bubble tea!
Monday , 12 March 2012
Bubbles & Boba at The Dubai Mall
Bubbles and Boba

Here at Gourmet, we’d never hankered after a drink with tapioca in it, until
we tried bubble tea, courtesy of Dubai’s newest novelty drink emporium, Bubbles
& Boba. Bubble tea is the name for pearl milk tea, which originated in tea
shops in Taiwan during the Eighties, and it’s surprisingly tasty. Bubbles &
Boba serves up hundreds of different combinations, from traditional bubble milk
tea (Assam milk tea with tapioca pearls) to fruity bubble teas, made with
freshly-brewed black or green tea mixed with different flavours, like mango and
lychee. You can even get extra scoops of popping pearls, infused with aloe
vera, natae de coco, and fruity jelly. “Bubble tea is something that you have
to try in order to appreciate and understand just how delicious and interesting
this drink can be. It’s taken the world by storm and is huge in the Americas,
Europe and Asia,” claim husband and wife team, Alex and Honey, who fell in love
with bubble milk tea after trying it in the US. “We saw a gap in the market to
have somewhere that was dedicated to, and specialised in, a beverage that
people both locally and internationally are buzzing about. Our plan is to open
10 outlets in the UAE as well as take Bubbles & Boba both regional and
international in the longer term.” Don’t knock it, until you try it, is what we
say. Just go easy, we don’t know exactly how many calories there are per cup,
but a drink containing a food group can’t be great for the diet. File under
tasty snack, rather than beverage, and you’re good to go.

Bubbles & Boba is now open in The Dubai Mall, Level 2, next to Reel Cinema.
Drinks from Dhs19.

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