Bryan Ferry Dating His Son's Ex-Girlfriend

Bizarre secret love-triangle of ageing rocker that is set to tear family apart
Monday , 24 November 2008
Bryan Ferry Dating His Son's Ex-Girlfriend

BRYAN FERRY is dating his son ISAAC's ex-girlfriend behind his back, according to reports.

The Roxy Music star, 63, is rumoured to be romancing Amanda Sheppard, who, at 27, is 36 years his junior.

The couple has been spotted together on a number of nights out in London for the past two months - and Ferry is allegedly keen to keep the news a secret from 22-year-old Isaac, who used to date Sheppard.

A source tells Britain's The Mail on Sunday, "She used to date Isaac about five years ago. It was a fling rather than a full-on relationship and that would have been when she first met his dad...

"Bryan is very keen that Isaac doesn't find out they are together so they have tried to keep things quiet."

Ferry split from his girlfriend of six years, Katie Turner, earlier this year and the break-up was blamed on their own age gap, also 36 years.

Isaac is one of Ferry's four sons from his 20-year marriage to ex-wife Lucy.