Brunch Review: Wanderlust, JW Marriot Marquis Hotel

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ByEllen KerrySunday , 01 October 2017
Brunch Review: Wanderlust, JW Marriot Marquis Hotel

We’ve been to giant buffet-style brunches before and they’re notoriously hit or miss. There is usually an element of the whole experience that lets the side down. Be it the food, the location, the ambience or the environment. But JW Marriott Marquis Hotel’s Wanderlust Brunch nails every aspect of the buffet brunch. 

We arrive at the beautiful atrium and are immediately greeted with bubbles before being taken to our table. The atrium is bright and airy with a pretty water feature in the centre. The walls have bright, graffiti-style murals and there is lots of lush greenery dotted around. During cooler months the outside area is available to dine on, too. With excellent views of downtown. Bonus! 

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The sheer amount of food on offer is incredible. We start in what appears to be the Italian room. Fresh, handmade pasta parcels, bowls of creamy burrata and juicy tomato salads are all lined up just waiting for greedy hands to grab them. 

One of the best dishes that crosses our lips has to be the giant cheese pie. With a thick, salty crust and masses of gooey cheese, a massive slice is dropped on our plate and we literally couldn’t be happier. 

Once the cheese has settled nicely in our bellies, we take another wander around the venue. The hot station is in an actual chef’s kitchen. A green Astroturf carpet leads the way through the kitchen, passing by bowls of mouth-watering meat snacks. Cubes of sizzling Wagyu beef, grilled to perfection, are tossed into a never- ending bowl and we pop one into our mouth. It. Tastes. Amazing. Juicy, flavoursome and SO tender, we immediately pile more onto plates.

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Fish fans will love the sushi station with its huge array of beautifully created morsels. There are also duck-filled baos in the softest buns. For dessert there’s the classic choccy fountain, huge sweet jars and a whole wall of donuts to indulge in. Drinks stations are dotted around the brunch, providing guests with an array of creative mixed beverages.

We don’t wait for anything during the whole brunch. Our beverages are refreshed and any query or question we have about the dishes is answered. The ambience in the restaurant is fun. It’s a party brunch but without the messiness. While we are there, a huge table of friends arrives dressed up in hilarious ‘80s fancy dress. There’s even a Mr. Potato Head. You could easily make new pals at Wanderlust, it’s fun and very friendly. Once brunch ends the Italian room is transformed into a mini club and the partying REALLY begins.

INFO: Dhs425, Fri 1pm- 4pm, Garden restaurant, JW Marriott Marquis Marquis, Dubai 

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