Breakfast Review: Tribeca, JBR

Breakfast Review: Tribeca, JBR

25 May 2017

A fun pace to kick-start the weekend at

Looking for a fuss-free brunch to enjoy with your besties this weekend? Look no further than the brand new breakfast club at Tribeca.

Located in Ocean View Hotel on JBR, Tribeca is the latest spot to hop on the very popular brunch wagon. 

We arrive at 11.30am and grab a seat by the huge windows. The cool AC is very welcome after a sweaty walk from the tram.

The waiter immediately stops by to take a drinks order and point us in the direction of the packed brunch buffet. After a quick sip of our beverages we wander over to checkout the Tribeca brunch offerings. 

Rows of heated trays filled with delicious brunch dishes. We load up our plates with beef sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and more than one hash brown. As well as hot items there is a cold stands featuring huge bowls of the freshest salads, some with chunks of creamy cheese strewn through.

Speaking of cheese, we would be remiss if we didn't tell you about Tribeca's cheese station because it is amazing. Fromage fans with drool over the gooey rounds of camembert, chunks of rich blue gorgonzola and tasty goat's cheese. 

Love eggs? We do, too. We order an extra portion of eggies from our server, this time ones that have been fried sunny side up and set atop a bed of potatoes. When we cut into the eggs the perfectly cooked yolks break and dribbled down into the pile of potatoes and meat. Yum.

If you have a sweet tooth you have to order a fresh batch of pancakes or waffles. Once ours arrive we pop over to the toppings station to smother them in Nutella, maple syrup and fresh strawberries.

The vibe in Tribeca is super relaxed, ideal if you want to spend time having a chatty catch up with your BFFs. INFO: Dhs199 per person, Ocean View Hotel, Level 1, JBR, Dubai, 050 345 6067, email,