Brunch review: Sushilicious Saturdays, Sofitel the Palm

Brunch review: Sushilicious Saturdays, Sofitel the Palm

30 Sep 2019

Sofitel The Palm’s French Polynesian theme carries throughout the property, with tropical green foliage sprawling through the hotel’s walkways. And when you enter Moana, it feels like you’ve stepped into a piece of high-end Hawaii. 

The venue is elegant, bright and airy, with underwater touches, paying homage to its cuisine, seafood, while water features create a subtle ambiance, making diners feel instantly at ease. With plenty of natural light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and lofty ceiling, it’s a fabulous way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The sushilicious Saturday brunch is not your typical overwhelming Dubai brunch, complete with doof-doof DJ music and partygoers. Instead, it’s full of relaxed holidayers, adults enjoying a glass of grape, and some fresh, delicious food. This is a brunch to be savoured.
Expect attentive service, cold and fresh food, and a leisurely atmosphere.

The first course begins with a classic miso soup, warm and comforting. It’s also served with a cold soba noodle salad, tangy and tasty. Along with that, you’re served a tray of edamame and seared garlic. It’s a feast in itself but you’ll want to save room.

Brunch review: Sushilicious Saturdays, Sofitel the Palm

The mains, of course, consist of sushi – a sizeable plate per person, packed with maki rolls, sashimi, fresh pieces of fish. It’s a sushi lover’s dream with plentiful servings of freshly made pieces.

For dessert, a bowl of fresh tropical fruits and a scoop of sorbet is a light way to finish the meal. Overall, Sushilicious is a foodie brunch and a fabulous way to end the weekend.

INFO: Every Saturday, Dhs155 per person for single serving, Dhs190 per person for unlimited sushi, extra Dhs75 per person for free-flowing punch, extra Dhs45 per person for beach access, Sofitel The Palm,