Get Your Swank On At Ramusake's Stylish Brunch

Get Your Swank On At Ramusake's Stylish Brunch

13 Jul 2019

While new Japanese restaurants occasionally pop up around the country, few have stood the test of time like Ramusake in JBR. Still serving top quality cuisine, still buzzing with patrons and still attracting celebrities, it’s undoubtedly our go-to place for Japanese food and drinks in Dubai. And it seems its brunch is also still going strong, as we found out recently.

Located in DoubleTree by Hilton in JBR, Ramusake combines fashion, art and music to create a cool, casual hideout with magnificent views of JBR Beach and the nearby Dubai Eye.

Instead of the usual, the talented chefs rework Japanese classics with a modern twist, making it a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Needless to say, its brunch offering is just as unique.

Get Your Swank On At Ramusake's Stylish Brunch

First of all, let’s make it clear that this is a lively brunch affair. Not a dancing one as such, but a very fun and social one. We popped by during mid-summer, when most venues are quiet, and Ramusake was packed to the rafters with birthday parties, fashionistas and generally fabulous people.

The generous sharing menu is brought to the table, all of it, so no need to pick or choose, or worry about queuing at a buffet.

Starters include edamame, ramen egg salad, sashimi of the day and an extensive sushi selection, while the hot snacks menu features popcorn tempura (yaaaaas!), steamed seafood gyozas (a kind of Chinese dumpling) and yakiudon (a Japanese stir fry dish).

Then there are the mains: steamed buns, slow cooked beef brisket, crispy confit duck leg, teriyaki bok choy and pickles. Our mouths are even watering just writing this.

After the brunch, the party evolves even further at the comfy cherry blossom bar area. Yep, Ramusake is still a Japanese force to be reckoned with.

INFO: Dhs295 (ladies), Dhs395 (gents), every Fri 1pm-4pm, DoubleTree by Hilton, JBR, 04 559 5300