Brunch at Bubbalicious

Helping fire victims of The Torch in Dubai Marina
ByLisa Scott-LeeThursday , 05 March 2015

Brunching at Bubbalicious
I had such a fab time painting the town red with my friend Faye from Steps last week! We decided to spend our last Friday together brunching at The Westin’s Bubbalicious. It was Faye’s first ever brunch and she was blown away by the variety and quality of food on offer. We had a portrait photo taken on the stairs with family and friends, before venturing outside for a curry at the colourful and aptly named Brick Lane. Faye wasn’t a bit surprised when I opted for a traditional British roast dinner. You know what they say: you can take the girl out of England…!

Props to Ralph & Russo
After admiring all the gorgeous gowns at this year’s Oscars, I was thrilled to spot Gwyneth Paltrow looking lovely in Ahlan!’s best-dressed feature in her pink Ralph & Russo gown. Ralph & Russo, better known to me as Tamara (Ralph) and Michael (Russo), are friends of mine, originally from Oz, who were up-and-coming five years ago when we used to hang out in London. I used to visit Tamara’s studio to see her new designs and couldn’t help sizing up life-sized mannequins of celebs such as the very petite Danni Minogue! It’s incredible to see how successful they’ve become – they’re a lovely and talented couple who fully deserve their success. Congrats to them both!

Help for Dubai’s Fire Victims
My family and I were saddened to hear of the recent fire that swept through The Torch in Dubai Marina. After learning about how residents and their children lost so many of their personal possessions, our five- and six-year-old kids decided they wanted to donate some of their toys and clothes to the victims of the blaze. Johnny and I thought it was a lovely idea and we were very proud of them. If any readers out there would like the items, please email me at

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