Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is Dating Kris Jenner's Best Friend

19 Oct 2014

Ronda Kamihira used to be the assistant of the Kardashian matriarch

Less than a month after Kris Jenner officially filed for divorce papers, following a year-long separation from her estranged husband Bruce, the father of Kim Kardashian's younger half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner seems to be off the market already.

It wouldn't be a true Jenner/Kardashian story if the new girlfriend were a random stranger without any scandalous history linking her to the KUWTK clan. Ronda Kamihira is in fact the ex-assistant of Bruce's soon to be ex-wife Kris and a very good friend of the family. Over and above, she lives close by in the Hidden Hills and her children seem to be besties with Kylie and Kendall. We are sensing some sort of an emotional outbreak by Kris is only a matter of time, as this must feel like betrayal, no matter whether she filed for the divorce or not.