The Bros reunion

Get out your bomber jackets and rip those jeans, because Bros are back!
Wednesday , 09 July 2008

We thought it couldn't get any better when NKOTB announced their reunion, until we heard that 80s bomber jacket enthusiasts Bros are reportedly set for a comeback.

The gorg Goss twins (and that brown haired one) will once again utter those immortal five words: When. Will. I. Be. Famous? And, 21 years on, we're ready to rip our stonewashed jeans all over again. Ahlan! discovers where they've been!

Bros boss

Matt Goss
The man behind the comeback rumour, Matt is obviously keener than his brother, saying, "Luke, Craig and definitely myself - we're all up for it."

Slight change of tune from the man who tried to launch a "serious" solo career in the early noughties. Ditching the high-pitched voice and acting all cool and guitary, he vowed that his boy band days were behind him, saying, "I think music is about being the man you are and not the man you were."

Wonder if Take That's mega profits prompted the turnaround?

Sulky Luke

Luke Goss
Cashing in on his 15 minutes, Luke penned an autobiography after the boys split, ingeniously titled I Owe You Nothing (yes, you're singing it in your head, aren't you?)

Spoilsport Luke has quashed rumours of a reunion because he's apparently so busy with his, ahem, "movie career". He moved to LA last year with his wife Shirley, an ex backing singer for George Michael.

NB Lukey boy, a bit part in Hellboy 2 does not a movie career make. Get involved already.

Solo success

Craig Logan
Favoured by the uglier Brosettes because of his comparable attainability, Craig is now a record label exec, managing the careers of Natasha Bedingfield and Pink.

He quit the band after a bust-up with the twins and successfully sued them for royalties. But - even though he didn't do much - they never recovered from his departure. It seems they've kissed and made-up, though, for the sake of the reunion. We're dusting down our Doc Martins already.