Bros Plan Comeback

Eighties boy band in talks over reunion tour
Tuesday , 01 July 2008
Matt Goss
Matt Goss
Luke Goss
Luke Goss

Eighties pop stars BROS are set to become the latest band to make a comeback - the boyband are in talks to stage a reunion tour.

The When Will I Be Famous? singers were rocked by the departure of Craig Logan in 1989 and eventually split for good in 1992.

Luke Goss went on to carve out a successful Hollywood movie career and will be seen in the upcoming Hellboy sequel, while his twin brother Matt focused on his solo career.

Logan now works as a record label executive after managing pop star Pink's early career.

But now all three original members could be taking to the stage again for a string of live dates.

Matt Goss explains, "Being in a band is like being a politician, you've got to make sure everyone is happy. But Luke, Craig and definitely myself - we're all up for it.

"If we can make the numbers work and the venues work, then we're all up for it.

"I had the best time (on tour). I think everyone that went to see Bros gigs had the best time and that's the one reason we all agreed it'd be a good laugh if we did it."