Brooklyn Beckham in Trouble but David is Praised

It's a tale of two Beckhams
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 11 February 2016
Brooklyn Beckham in Trouble but David is Praised
It's a tale of two Beckhams
They’ve both been making headlines this week, but for very different reasons. Father-and-son double act David and Brooklyn Beckham are the talk of town, but while David’s actions have started a campaign of good deeds, Brooklyn’s have been met with a public backlash. 
Brooklyn Beckham is already a huge social media star and an up-and-coming model, but his latest venture has got him in hot water. Now the 16-year-old is apparently a professional photographer and he’s been hired to shoot the latest campaign for Burberry, which is the same brand his little brother Romeo models for. Because this kind of job would usually have been given to a seasoned professional, like, say, Mario Testino or Annie Leibovitz, there have been a lot of angry people saying the teenager only got the job because he has famous parents.
Brooklyn Bad for Burberry
Both amateur photographers and professionals alike have blasted Brooklyn, with one posting: “It’s not what you know, but who you know and it’s totally unacceptable. Yep, I guess names really do sell. Sheer nepotism.” Another wrote: “I love the Beckhams but 16-year-old Brooklyn being the photographer for a major Burberry campaign is peak nepotism,” while someone else said: “I know nepotism happens in all industries, not just in this one, and I know anyone in his position would have taken the job, but this makes me sick and it makes me angry.” Fashion photographer Chris Floyd called the stunt a “devaluation of photography”. He told The Guardian newspaper that, ironically, it “goes against everything his parents represent. David and Victoria represent sheer willpower and graft.” 
David Leads by Example
While Brooklyn’s name is getting tarnished, David, 40, can do no wrong as his act of kindness has inspired a campaign urging Londoners to follow in his footsteps by buying hot drinks for hard-working paramedics. The British star made the news after he spotted a medic tending to an elderly patient on the streets of London last week, and took them tea and coffee to help the pair keep warm in the wintry weather. Officials at the London Ambulance Service have publicly thanked David for being so kind to paramedic Catherine Maynard, who was treating a man following a fall. They’ve now launched a drive urging fans to take inspiration from the former England player’s good deed. 
Buy it Like Beckham
They posted a message on the organisation’s official Twitter page launching #buyitlikebeckham and urging Londoners to buy hot drinks for crews who spend long hours helping patients in the cold weather. “Inspired by Becks’ act of kindness? Offer our crews a coffee and tweet us a pic #buyitlikebeckham,” the message reads. Paramedic Catherine said of her encounter with the sports star: “I was waiting with my patient for an ambulance to transfer him to hospital and although I was keeping him warm it was very cold outside. All of a sudden, I looked up and saw someone who looked like David Beckham walking past us. Ten minutes later, he came back with a cup of coffee for me and a tea for the patient. I couldn’t believe it when he came back with some hot drinks – I was so chuffed.” 

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