Is Brooke Mueller Off The Wagon?

Why she's refusing court-ordered test
Monday , 18 April 2011
Is Brooke Mueller Off The Wagon?
Brooke Mueller

Former addict Brooke Mueller has refused to take a court-ordered drug test as part of her custody case leading many to believe she’s fallen off the wagon and onto desperate times as she was later spotted at a pawn shop trying to sell a man’s watch and stereo for quick cash.

The actress, who gets Dhs201,850 a month in child support from Charlie Sheen, is required to undergo random drug testing as part of her custody battle with the troubled actor. Not submitting a sample results in a ‘dirty test’ and could lead to her losing the kids. Now some sources are worried the star, who was spotted “nervously pacing up and down the pawn shop”, was desperate for cash to buy a quick high. While no proof has been given to back this up, Brooke nor her reps have commented on the news.