Britney's Back!

Is the princess of pop finally turning her life around?
Wednesday , 16 February 2011
Britney's Back!
Britney Spears

With her upcoming album Femme Fatale already causing pandemonium among fans, and its lead single “Hold It Against Me” enjoying global chart success, it looks like Britney Spears could finally be making that long awaited come back.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into this album over the last two years,” Tweeted the 29-year-old singer. “I’ve put everything I have into it.”

Britney, who starred in the 2002 box office flop Crossroads has also revealed she would love to act again, and cited The Hangover director Judd Apatow as someone she’d love to work with. “I love to act and would love to be in a Todd Philips or Judd Apatow movie.”

But it’s not just her career that seems to be picking up. Brit has reportedly been spending more quality time with her two sons, Sean, five, and Jayden, four.

Once again taking to her Twitter account, the 29-year-old revealed she’s happy being at home with her children. “I’m really just a boring homebody who loves staying home with my kids and that’s where I’m the happiest,” she explained.

This is a far cry from her infamous meltdown three years ago which saw her lose custody of her kids to ex-husband Kevin Federline. With limited visitation rights now, Britney’s eager to have her sons live with her and boyfriend Jason Trawick.