Britney was 'applying make-up' as she crashed

Car victim's new claim
Tuesday , 15 April 2008
Britney was 'applying make-up' as she crashed
Britney pictured at the scene of the crash

BRITNEY SPEARS was caught applying make-up while navigating through busy Los Angeles traffic minutes before driving into the back of another car on Saturday night, according to reports.

Spears caused a three-car collision on her way home from a 30 minute drive with her bodyguard, and the motorist she hit has revealed he saw her putting on her make-up behind the wheel.

The unnamed driver told he was admiring the white Mercedes behind him, and the woman putting on make-up while driving it - but didn't realise he was looking at Spears until she crashed in to him.

The 21-year-old claims Spears' bodyguard, who was a passenger in the pop star's car, was apologetic about the crash, and as the two drivers exchanged insurance details, Britney told him she was on her way to dinner with her mother.