Britney Wants More Babies

Britney Spears wants to grow her family, but only under these conditions...
BySurena ChandeSunday , 28 August 2016
Britney Wants More Babies
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Britney wants to have three more children!

The Baby One More Time singer wants babies…well, three more times!

That’s right, Spears recently admitted she wanted to grow her brood to a family of five during her recent Carpool Karaoke appearance.

However, the stunning star will have to wait as she said, “I want more. I would like to have three more… I have to find the right guy first.”

Having been married twice, with one marriage lasting just 55 hours to her childhood friend Jason Alexander, and the other to Kevin Federline (the father of her two sons), Britney’s a little cynical about tying the knot now.

Spears explained, “I won’t do the men thing, or get married, I’m just done with men," she vowed. "I’m not going to marry anyone – I don’t believe in marriage anymore.”

It’s been a seriously busy week for the singer; in addition to her appearance with James Corden for The Late Late Show, she also released her ninth studio album Glory – yes, that’s NINE whole albums!

If you haven’t caught the funny – and slightly awkward – clip, you can watch it below.

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