Britney Spears Wants Big Bucks for X Factor

Sources say Brit is close to saying yes to the reality show, but she's asking for major money!
Sunday , 11 March 2012
Britney Spears Wants Big Bucks for X Factor
Show Brit the money!

How does Dhs37million sound to you? Pretty good, right? Well, according to, Britney Spears just rejected an offer of Dhs37million to become a judge on the X Factor! She’s still in talks to be a judge on the show, but she wants the network to fork out around Dhs74million!

A source inside the Spears camp told The Wrap that Brit actually rejected the offer of Dhs37million three weeks ago and is looking for a much larger paycheck. The same source said that Brit is also considering an offer to follow in Celine Dion’s footsteps and take up residency at a Las Vegas hotel.

An insider told that Christina Aguilera makes upwards of Dhs37million for her gig as a judge on The Voice and that Paula Abdul made around Dhs9million when she was on X Factor. We know the show wants a big name judge and Brit would certainly provide that, but is she worth that kind of money? What do you think?

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