Britney Spears

Britney Spears Upset by Sam Lutfi's Court Claims

27 Oct 2012

Britney Spears is upset that Sam Lutfi has forced her to relive the difficult time after her breakdown in 2008 because of his recent court revelations

Britney Spears is upset by Sam Lutfi's recent court claims.

The X Factor judge's former manager is suing her parents for defamation and during the trial he has claimed Britney was addicted to illegal substances when he managed her but the singer, who has gotten her life back together following a much-publicised breakdown in 2008, is upset by his revalations.

A source said: ''Over the past four years you'd hear Britney's name and the first thing you'd think of was shaved head, psych hold, umbrella. But she got her life straightened out and now you think music, glamour, that big smile. The court case couldn't have come at a worse time.''

Britney's friends are also worried about the star having to relive her past troubles.

The insider added to In Touch Weekly magazine: ''She's long battled mental health issues so to be reminded of this time in her life, when she almost died, is devastating. No one should have to relive what she went through.''