Britney Spears Throws Birthday Party for her Boys

Britney Spears and her sons Preston, seven, and Jayden, six, reportedly had a blast at their birthday bash last weekend
Britney Spears Throws Birthday Party for her Boys
Britney Spears

Britney Spears “had a great time” jumping on trampolines with her two sons. The pop star threw a birthday party for her two boys last Saturday at the Sky High Sports recreation centre in Los Angeles.

Her son Preston turned seven on September 14 and Jayden became six years old on September 12.

Britney and her kin played video games, jumped on trampolines and took advantage of all the amenities at the fun park.

"The whole family had a great time," a source told People magazine. "Britney really enjoyed herself.”

The partygoers gorged on pizza, ice cream and ate pieces of cake that drew inspiration from video game Call of Duty for its design. The boys got a kick out of the festivities and their new toys, which include Spider-Man paraphernalia and toy Nerf guns.

"They loved them," the source said. "They're such boys."

Guests at the party include Britney’s fiancé Jason Trawick, her father Jamie, her brother Bryan and several of Preston and Jayden’s friends.

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