Britney Spears' Dad Behind Split with Jason Trawick?

Jason Trawick apparently planned his breakup from Britney Spears and the public announcement with her father Jamie to make the situation easier on her
Britney Spears' Dad Behind Split with Jason Trawick?
Britney Spears with Jason Trawick

Britney Spears' split from Jason Trawick was allegedly planned by her former fiance - and her dad.

The 31-year-old pop star and Jason announced their break-up last weekend, but it has been claimed Jason was unsure how to end the relationship for fear of how Britney could react.

The talent agent eventually orchestrated the announcement with the help of her father Jamie, who had been co-conservator of his daughter's affairs along with Jason, who has now stepped down.

A source told "It really wasn't Britney's decision to announce the split last week, it was Jamie who made the call. Jason wanted out, and in the fragile state that Britney is in, it's not like he could have a rational conversation with her about it, so it was really between him and Jamie. They decided how the relationship needed to end and how to go about the technicalities, such as removing Jason from the conservatorship, when he would move out and how to announce the split. Britney was left out of everything and really didn't even know what was going on."

The pair carefully explained the situation to Brit, but she is still struggling to accept their two-and-a-half-year relationship is over.

The source added: "Jason and Jamie wanted to make sure that Britney didn't lose it, so they had to water things down for her a bit. But she knows that the engagement is off and that Jason has been removed from the conservatorship."

Britney - who has two sons, Sean Preston, seven, and Jayden James, six, from her marriage to Kevin Federline - also experienced more upheaval in her life after she severed ties with The X Factor USA last week after serving just one series as a judge.

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