Britney - no license for you!

Popster must wait until end of year
Wednesday , 03 September 2008
Britney - no license for you!

BRITNEY SPEARS will have to wait until the end of the week to learn if she will have to stand trial for a misdemeanour driving license offence.

The pop star's attorney, MICHAEL FLANAGAN, urged Los Angeles Superior Court Judge JAMES A. STEELE to dismiss the case on Tuesday morning, prompting the judge to review the details of the case.

Spears was found to be in possession of an invalid out-of-state license when she was questioned by police over an accident she caused last year.

Flanagan told the court he felt his client was being singled out because of her celebrity status.

Judge Steele has agreed to re-examine the case file and make a decision about a possible trial by the end of the week.

If the judge decides to drag Spears to court, a trial has been tentatively set for mid-October.

Flanagan says he will appeal if Steele does not dismiss the case. For daily celebrity news updates sign up to our newsletter