Brit Says, ‘No Thanks’

Britney has been told not to marry...
Sunday , 25 September 2011
Brit Says, ‘No Thanks’
Jason Trawick and Britney Spears

It would seem, there might be some issues brewing between Britney Spears and her partner Jason Trawick over her reluctance to commit.

According to my sources, the relationship between the couple is becoming strained because Britney is scared of commitment and has refused his hand in marriage.

During a recent trip to London the couple were distant and sources say the subject of marriage is a major sticking point between the two of them.

My mole tells me, “Britney was in London to film the new video for Criminal. She wanted a realistic location rather than doing it in front of green screens or other locations and Jason was tagging along.”

“She showed Jason around all of the sites. They went to Big Ben, the houses of parliament and afternoon tea.”

“While they were lapping up the English way of life her people couldn’t help notice something was wrong with her.”

In the summer, it was revealed that Jason had purchased a ring for Britney. There have been several instances where she has been snapped with and without the ‘engagement’ ring.

The Source adds, “She sometimes wears the ring and sometimes not. The mood seemed quite strained and you could tell she was just there for work.”

“Everyone around her is advising her not to marry again. She needs to be happy and healthy before she makes the next step and she’s not ready.”

“Her dad has been extremely worried about her jumping into marriage so they have said wait, to see if it’s something that she really wants this time.”

“Jason isn’t exactly over-the-moon about it.”