Brie Larson Announced as Captain Marvel!

Brie Larson Announced as Captain Marvel!

26 Jul 2016

Marvel movies are no joke, and even Oscar winners agree now

Brie Larson, Oscar winner for her role in Room, is set to play Captain Marvel, and the movie is set to be released in 2019. Marvel, why do you need to torture us years in advance?!

The casting was announced at the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con this week, after being rumoured for months. Larson also announced the news herself, with a cute Twitter pic of herself wearing a Marvel Studios hat, along with the caption: “Call me Captain Marvel.”

The character has been depicted in the books as both male and female, but Marvel announced a female would take the role in the movies.

Brie has starred in comedies like 21 Jump Street alongside Channing Tatum, so she’s perfect for the role as Marvel is known for its more light-hearted tales compared to the much darker, DC Comics’ stories. Hopefully Larson can live up to the expectations of the huge Marvel fan base!

It may as well be the nineties again, as superheroes, Pokémon and chokers are on trend right now. Did you hear that there’s even a new Blair Witch movie coming out?! What year is it!?