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Bridal Shape Up

12 Oct 2010

Loose weight, find your perfect gown and much more – Faye James’ bridal magic will transform you into a pricess-bride for sure

Certified nutritionist, wellness consultant, personal trainer, pilates instructor, post and pre-natal fitness guru and former editor, Faye James, is Dubai's latest go-to girl for everything bridal. After she married celebrated photographer Darrin James and had her baby, Faye lost the few pounds she gained during her pregnancy in just a matter of weeks. And what’s the first thing any and every bride (even ones that weigh less than our holiday suitcases) want to do before they say ‘I do’? Lose weight! That's probably why the 36-year-old super mum has recently launched 'The Bridal Make-over', Dubai's only complete bridal make-over service. Faye gives Wedding a sneak peak into her regime and tips and tricks on how to kick start the journey of a lifetime. So brides, listen up!                                                         

What’s On Offer
PERSONAL SHOPPING: Sign on for the personal shopping service where her team trawls the malls, finds the perfect look and even gets you special discounts.        

BEAUTY OVERHAUL: From easy-to-follow beauty routines and healthy eating plans for beautiful glowing skin, Faye provides the hottest treatments and tried and tested advice for all brides.

BRIDAL BOOTCAMP: Faye James’ bridal bootcamp is not for the faint hearted – it includes training sessions thrice a week and a designed nutritional programme too.  

THE COMPLETE BRIDAL MAKEOVER: Featuring styling, personal shopping, a beauty overhaul and the bridal boot-camp, this comprehensive service can run between one-six months.

Get Started Now
 Your health
● Eat clean, healthy home cooked, portion-controlled meals
● Hydrate yourself with water and
herbal tea; avoid hidden calories in fruit juices and sodas
● For breakfast and lunch – eat ‘super foods’ like blueberries, alfa alfa, quinoa and spinach with fish, meat, fruit and vegetables
● Snacking – Munch on fruit, raw vegetables or two pieces of dark chocolate!
● Dinner – Eat a salad with minimal carbohydrates. Sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat and other carbohydrates are a no-no.

Your body
Make sure you do:
● 15 minutes of pilates to strengthen or do yoga to stretch everyday
● Enjoy your workout; beat the stress
by running outdoors, swimming,
cycling or kayaking
● Get Thai massages for muscle definition and cellulite prevention

Your skin
● Religiously apply sun block
● Incorporate Aloe Vera shots with grapefruit seed extracts into your diet
● Make all your monthly dermatologist appointments in advance
● Use a skin brush everyday followed by a slathering of cocoa butter

Your dress
● Follow your heart, not just tradition
● Change in between the ceremony
● Experiment with chunky bracelets, statement rings, fun necklaces and bright sashes that are very in right now

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