Briar Prestidge

Briar Prestidge

25 Nov 2019

PR strategist, producer, talk show host and CEO – is there anything she can’t do?

•My highlight of the past year was being selected as one of 40 entrepreneurs and CEOs from around the world to compete on an Amazon Prime TV series, The Social Movement, which is similar to The Apprentice. I travelled to Montreal and over four days, worked with other powerful minds to create business strategies to solve socio-economic issues that are impacting the world, including health care, global warming, hunger and homelessness.

•Through our PR agency Prestidge Group, we were delighted to work on incredible projects this year, including projects in emerging technology, sustainability and smart governments. We launched our sister agency, Frank City Productions, specialising in podcasts and docuseries.

•The world is finally concerned about climate change, but are the corporations on board? Surprisingly, just 100 corporations have caused 71% of the world’s greenhouse gas since 1977. My client and mentor, Karl Feilder, is encouraging entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to develop green tech solutions, and our agency is actively supporting his mission.

•As a consumer, I avoid using plastic – I’m shocked by the amount of single-use plastic bags and bottles we use in Dubai! Corporations should just stop producing and providing these entirely.

•Next year, I am launching a corporate label for businesswomen, with suits, cufflinks and briefcases. We have been working very hard on a collection that women feel great in. Also, after almost two years of consistently writing my book most weekends, I’m looking forward to holding the finished product in my hands – determination and persistence does pay off.