Breakfast Review: Kaftan, La Mer

The Anatolian eatery has to be our new favourite seaside breakfast spot!
ByFarah AndrewsSunday , 18 March 2018
Breakfast Review: Kaftan, La Mer

“What are you doing this weekend?” “I’m going for breakfast at La Mer. Have you been there yet?” This has to be our most frequently repeated conversation of 2018 so far, and although we have been to the beachfront destination a couple of times, no visit has been quite as enjoyable as our lazy breakfast visit to Kaftan, the super-chic Turkish eatery.

We arrive after a leisurely walk through La Mer – we were told it’s La Mer South but parked in the North car park, pretending that the sunshine stroll through the cool new development was totally deliberate!

As soon as we walk in, the décor makes an instant impact – we love the classic plates on the wall, the distinctive tiles and the vibrant canvases. We were planning dine
al fresco, but after seeing the chic interiors, we opt to sit inside.

As soon as we sit down complimentary cups of tea arrive at our table, which are routinely topped up throughout breakfast. This is followed by Turkish coffee, to kick our meal off with a buzz.

We’re novices when it comes to Turkish breakfast, but the entire menu sounds appealing. There are a lot of baked goodies and eggs cooked in various ways, so we know we’re in safe hands. We opt for the yumurtali humuslu bazlama. While hummus, egg and beef bacon isn’t a combo we’d tried before, it’s delicious – a perfect combination of salty and creamy flavours. We’ll totally be ordering it again next time we visit. 

We then step out of our traditional breakfast comfort zone a little further. From the Anatolian breakfast menu, we opt for the acuka, thanks to its combination of red pepper, green chilli and tomatoes. A super-garlicy but fresh and delicious dish, we enjoy it soaked into the pillowy soft bread.

It’s certainly unlike any breakfast we’ve ever had before, but it certainly works. Nothing wrong with expanding culinary horizons, eh?

INFO: 9am–midnight, daily, La Mer South, 04 338 9688,

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