Brangelina's Big Birthday Bash

Brad's got something special planned for Ange
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 23 April 2015
Brangelina's Big Birthday Bash
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After a year from hell in which Angelina Jolie has had her ovaries removed over her cancer fears, hubby Brad Pitt is pulling out all the stops to make her 40th birthday one she will remember forever. Sources say Brad is already frantically planning a “dream surprise” for Angelina that will “blow her mind” as he bids to start the next chapter of her life. The couple have already excitedly told their closest friends that they will use the landmark birthday on 4 June to announce their plans to try for another child – through a surrogate mum.

Brad’s Family Film
Brad confided in a close friend this week telling them: “Angelina’s been through so much and I can’t think of a better way to show her that this is a new start, not the end of her chances of being a mum.” The couple are already searching for the perfect surrogate mum and Brad says he wants the plans in place in time to make her 40th the perfect way to start the next half of her life. And he’s also drafting in expert help for another major surprise – from their five children. The source explained: “Brad wanted to create something really meaningful for Ange’s birthday from him and all the kids to show her how proud they are of her after everything she’s gone through. He’s on a mission to do something really spectacular that Shiloh, Vivienne, Knox, Maddox, Pax and Zahara can play a huge part in.

“So Brad is making a mini movie which they all play cameo roles in where they talk about what their mum means to them. Brad’s been using all his directing skills to shoot different scenes over the last month at various locations and it’s nearly all finished now.” The insider added: “When Ange sees it she’s going to be very emotional. Some of the scenes are very touching and to have her very own movie starring her own kids is just mind blowing. It’s such a touching thing for Brad to do.”

Ange’s Action Stars
It is thought that the movie Brad has planned won’t just be the kids sitting in front of the camera gushing about their mum. The movie producer has some big sequences planned that will play to each child’s strength. Zahara will be set up to look like a princess sitting in her castle, while Pax and Maddox will feature in an action-led arrangement with them riding their quad bikes around the Mirivel estate in France. As the only set of twins, Vivienne and Knox will be filmed together and will take on the roles of Ange and Brad in a comedy skit that pokes fun at both parents.

Child Free Holiday for Brangelina
Brad’s now determined to put the stressful period behind them by pulling out all the stops for her birthday. He’ll also whisk his wife off on a private jet in June without the kids for a birthday break in St Tropez while the rest of the children will also join them later in the trip in Italy. “It’s going to be a two-week celebration,” added the source. “But by far the biggest gift for them as a couple is the joy of having another child. It’s a long and at times tough road to go down when you are going through the surrogate process. But there’s nothing they want more.”


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