Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brangelina say...Their final farewell!

20 Oct 2010

As Brad comforts Ange ahead of their break-up – just like he did with Jen – Ahlan! goes inside their stage-managed split...

When Brad Pittflew to the Hungarian set of Angelina Jolie’s new movie last week, onlookers were taken aback by the couple’s very public display of affection in front of the cameras, as they strolled around the set arm in arm. But with Brad’s pose echoing the exact same body language he displayed when he was snapped on an Anguillan beach with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston – one day before their separation was announced in January 2005 – insiders have spilled that Brad, the self-professed “Zen master” of the tabloids, was actually prepping Ange before taking their private split public.

‘It’s Obviously A Set-Up’
Pals in the Jolie-Pitt camp claim that although the couple have privately acknowledged that their relationship has run its course, they are maintaining a united public front in order to protect their careers, their combined Dhs1.2billion assets, and their carefully-crafted public image.

A source close to the couple claims these new pictures of Brad and Ange cuddling in Budapest – taken on a closed set – are part of a PR stunt and may even have been vetted by the media-savvy pair.

“It’s obvious these pictures are a set-up,” spilled an insider. “Angelina regularly allows her bodyguards to take photos and then gives them to a picture agency to sell whenever she wants to make a point or statement.”
The source continued, “Brad and Ange went along with this photo set-up to portray the image of a happy family, when in fact they are anything but.” Adding, “Let’s not forget the very staged arm in arm pictures of Brad and Jen that came out when they were busy writing their split announcement.”

Saving Brad’s Image
According to insiders, Brad’s party lifestyle has driven a wedge between him and Ange, but he’s now terrified that if the truth gets out, it will shatter his family man public persona. So, he’s reportedly biding his time before going public with the split.

“The truth is, parenting is not as much fun as Brad thought it would be,” said an insider. “He’s publicly admitted he can only handle four kids alone at a time, and he’d much rather spend his time hanging out with his pals.” The source added, “Brad’s out-of-control behaviour and party lifestyle portray a man who has been struggling with a mid-life crisis of epic proportions.”

Using The Children
And for Angelina’s part, sources say that she feels she has worked too hard to shake off the ‘home-wrecker’ tag and reinvent herself as a humanitarian that she’ll do anything to protect her new image.

“This is a woman who cares more about how the public perceive her than anything else,” spilled a source. “Every now and then she picks an image for herself and then tries hard to portray that. Now of course it’s humanitarian and happy-with-Brad mother-of-six.” Adding, “Angelina knows she’ll be hung out to dry when the news finally breaks they’re over.”

Media Manipulators
But despite their carefully choreographed happy family image, insiders have spilled that behind closed doors, their family unit couldn’t be more disjointed.

“They leave the care of the kids to nannies mostly and they wheel the kids out every few weeks for a photo op,” claims a source. “For example, those regular trips to McDonald’s Drive-Thrus – they are trying to say they are hands-on parents.”

And with Brad once boasting, “I’ve been in these tabloids for 14 years now. And at some point you just become a Zen master of it all,” it’s claimed he’s determined to orchestrate this split so it plays out to his advantage in the press.

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