Brange’s romantic night out

Couple leave kids at home to celebrate five year anniversary
Thursday , 10 December 2009
Brange’s romantic night out

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE enjoyed a romantic night out in Hollywood to celebrate their five-year anniversary as a couple - and the kids stayed at home.

The superstars planned a military-style operation to make sure their low-key night at the Chateau Marmont stayed top secret - and they did such a good job that news of the 28 November rendezvous has only just leaked.

A source at the famous Los Angeles hotel tells Life Style magazine, "They checked in around 4pm and were ushered straight to their poolside bungalow. They were holding hands when they arrived, and Angie was really excited.

"They looked like they were on a date. They had no security with them, and they were incredibly relaxed."

According to the insider, the evening was planned meticulously by Pitt, who insisted on dealing only with top-level hotel staff members to make sure the night wasn't ruined by fans or photographers.

The source adds, "They just wanted a quiet night by themselves."

The publication reports the couple left the hotel just before lunch the following day and tipped "generously".

The insider recalls, "They looked so happy. They'd obviously had a lovely night together."