Brandy's Car Crash Trauma

Singer says smash which killed a driver "changed her life forever"
Tuesday , 18 November 2008
Brandy's Car Crash Trauma

RB singer BRANDY still carries the emotional scars from her horrific 2006 car accident - insisting the incident which left another driver dead has "changed" her life forever.

The star was driving her Land Rover in Los Angeles when she collided with another vehicle on a busy freeway, causing the car to crash into another driver and slide into the central reservation.

The driver, Awatef Aboudihaj, 38, died from her injuries while Brandy escaped the accident unhurt.

And the star confesses she will never get over the tragic crash - and reveals the hurt she felt when people blamed her for the death of an innocent driver.

She tells US news show Access Hollywood, "It was a situation that changed my life forever. I will never be the same. It was pretty bad. There were parts flying and there was a bunch of smoke."

"I just feel like a lot of people jumped on it because it was something to talk about. And instead of just waiting to see what really happened, they kind of make their own story about it and started pointing the finger and blaming."

The star stepped down from her role as a judge on America's Got Talent shortly after the accident - insisting someone who could give the role the "attention and commitment it deserved" should take her place on the panel.

Brandy is now facing a $50 million lawsuit for wrongful death by Aboudihaj's family. The trial is set for April 2009.