Brandon Flowers Cringes at 'Rock Star' Status

Brandon Flowers doesn’t know how his five-year-old son knows he is a “rock star”, as he never uses that phrase
Brandon Flowers Cringes at 'Rock Star' Status
Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers was mortified when his five-year-old son called him a “rock star” in front of his class. The Killers rocker and his wife Tana have Ammon, five, Gunnar, three, and 18-month-old Henry together. Ammon recently started pre-school and was quick to tell his new friends all about his home life.

“Oh, he's a rock star,” Brandon explained the tot said, when quizzed on his dad’s career by his teacher. “We don't ever... We would never use that phrase to him. It's not even part of my vocabulary. It's just amazing what they pick up on.”

The Killers recently released their new record Battle Born, which includes a track called Here With Me. It’s a ballad, which Brandon decided to write after becoming concerned his band didn’t have any love songs.

The group are known for their guitar-driven anthems and the decision to veer away from that didn’t go down well with everyone.

Here With Me is such a massive, obvious song… But, because it's all about beats-per-minute and drum machines on the radio, the American label is scared to death of it,” he admitted to BBC.

“It's strange - a few years ago we would have been on the fence and they would have been arguing for it. Now the tables have totally turned.”