Bradley Cooper and Jen Aniston Dating?

Why Brad won’t be called Mr Jennifer Aniston
Bradley Cooper and Jen Aniston Dating?
Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper at the premiere of He's Just Not That Into You

Bradley Cooper only broke up with Renee Zellweger a month ago, but already he has been linked with Jennifer Aniston. The A-listers, who have been friends since 2009, have shot down rumours that they’re dating, insisting they’re just good friends.

“They were looking at projects to work on together,” said an insider after the couple filmed He’s Just Not That Into You. But, according to Us Magazine, the real reason Bradley is distancing himself from Jen is because he “knows that by dating Jen, he’d be known as Mr Jennifer Aniston”.

When it comes to relationships, it seems Jen’s bad luck isn’t about to run out any time soon – unlike her men...