Brad Pitt's Long Locks

30 May 2012

Eternal hunk he may be, but this is not a good look for Brad Pitt

Oh, Brad. We really love you but you’re way too old for long surfer-dude hair. The 48-year-old turned up at the Cannes Film Festival to promote his flick Killing Them Softly and walked the red carpet in a grey suit with a casual white T-shirt and white dress shoes. We weren’t huge on the outfit, but what really stopped us in our tracks was Brad’s long hair! His hair wasn’t just shaggy or artfully unkempt, it went all the way to his shoulders, brushing his suit jacket with every step! Perhaps he’s taking advice on his hair from six-year-old daughter Shiloh who sports a similar ‘do. We do appreciate that Brad got fresh highlights, even though he had plenty of grey in his goatee, as there’s nothing worse than long streaky silver hair on a man – even eternal hunk Brad!